ESS Case Study: Explaining the Difference - Learning Link

Published30th May 2014

In partnership with Learning Link Scotland ESS delivered a project to articulate the difference that adult voluntary learning makes. The project set out the contribution of adult voluntary learning to local (single outcomes agreement) and national (National Performance Framework) outcomes.

This case study tells the story of what we did; what we learned and what difference we made.


The learning set outlines the background to a Scottish Government funded pilot project to articulate the outcomes of Scottish voluntary adult learning within the context of national outcomes and Single Outcome Agreement. It then sets out what was done, the difference it made, unexpected outcomes, the learning and Logic Model

Existing Users

  • Learning Link Scotland
  • Amina The Muslim Women's Resource Centre
  • Workers Education Association (WEA)
  • Rosemount Lifelong Learning
  • LEAD (Linking Education and Disability)
  • Craigowl

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