Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory (CSEI)

Published29th March 2017

Findings from the two forms (Adult Form, CSEI-AD; and School Form, CSEI-SC) demonstrate the relationship of academic achievement to personal satisfaction in school and adult life. Normative data is available on both the Adult and School forms. The CSEI can be used for individual diagnosis, classroom screening and pre-post evaluation.


Purpose: Measure attitudes toward self in multiple contexts


CSEI-AD = 25 items

CSEI-SC Form = 58 items

CSEI-SC Short Form = 25 items

Average completion time:

CSEI-AD = 15 minutes

CSEI-SC Form = 25-30 minutes

CSEI-SC Short Form = 15 minutes

Target population:

CSEI-AD: Ages 16 and older

CSEI-SC = Ages 8-15

Administration: For individual or group administration

Uses of the CSEI:

Individual diagnosis

Classroom screening

Pre-post evaluation


CSEI-AD Scales:

Self-Esteem (Adult Score)

CSEI-SC Scales:


General Self

Social Self-Peers



Lie Scale

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