Published30th June 2015

Aspireview is Coactiva’s award-winning and unique Business Intelligence and Performance Improvement Software. Its powerful dashboard tool enables easy operation throughout all parts of your organisation to build a true performance focused culture, from operational teams to the executive board.

Aspireview removes the existing overheads of data collection and reporting, while improving the quality and timeliness of information, enabling intelligence-driven decision making and improved performance.


Aspireview is a fully integrated performance management solution. Performance, risk and project management together with a powerful reporting module are provided at no additional cost, helping your organisation to drive measurable service improvements and better customer outcomes from one powerful solution.

Simplicity and ease of use -The system has the aesthetics of a website

Realisable Cost Efficiencies – One of our customers recently calculated that using Aspireview had saved them 6 working days per quarter managing data and preparing reports.

Site Wide Licences – Aspireview is a fully hosted software as a service solution and provides a site wide licence with no restriction placed on the number or type of users (within applicable pricing Tier).

Control-complete control over the number of users created and their permission levels.

Collaborative working- partner organisations can record and monitor performance on shared projects and initiatives.

Flexible Implementation – solution is delivered at your pace, on time and to budget. There is no local IT requirement for implementation, system maintenance or support.

Security and Confidence – Call Credit’s IT infrastructure is accredited to ISO27001 and is connected to the Public Services Network for exchanging information up to IL3 (Confidential)


Ongoing support

Support help desk

Software updates

Case Study

We have made significant efficiency savings estimated to be around six days of data and report production time (per quarter). This means we are now able to more easily meet deadlines for board reports. Aspireview has made a massive difference.

Tony Sanderson

First Wessex

The Coactiva implementation team were always available and extremely helpful while we were setting up Aspireview at Raven. They have been a pleasure to work with.

Jenny Rawlinson

Raven Housing Trust

The Aspireview solution is the chosen tool for managed service providers to monitor and improve the performance of the councils they operate. For example, since 2009 Aspireview has been integral to the performance management practices of authorities managed by Liberata Business Centres: Barrow, Redcar, Pendle, Weston and Hounslow.

Aspireview is also widely used by individual local authorities and can be found nationwide including Caerphilly Council, Gwynedd Council, East Lothian Council and Orkney Islands Council.

Local Authorities use Aspireview to monitor and manage performance, projects and risks from team level right through to corporate and community plans. Frameworks, reports and dashboards are used to link performance at all levels sometimes referred to as the golden thread. This information is easily shared with partners and the public by surfacing live information directly onto organisational websites.

Existing Users

  • West Midlands Fire Service
  • Ceredigion County Council
  • East Lothian Council
  • Caerphilly County Borough Council
  • Denbighshire County Council
  • New Charter Housing Trust Group
  • North Devon Homes Ltd
  • Gwynedd County Council
  • Orbit Group

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