Apricot Case and Data Management Software for Charities

Published4th August 2014

Apricot is an extremely secure and flexible nonprofit software solution that offers case management, client, donor and volunteer tracking as well as superior outcomes management.

Apricot is a fully featured toolset that allows you to track exactly what you need to to. Its multi-program tracking capabilities allow details of case and program management to be held in one central system. Apricot software is safe and secure. It keeps up-to-date with vigorous standards, and provides robust access control tools to keep sensitive data private as well as providing built-in permission sets to help control the flow of information to particular sets of users. It is UK Data Protection Act compliant.

Forms are created to suit your organisations needs and data intake processes. Simply drag and drop the placement of desired fields for quick form creation and modification. Apricot makes sure your required data fields are complete, entered correctly, and that there are no duplicate records. Search for, review, and restore deleted records. Use audit permissions to view the history of a record including user creation, modification and time-stamp information. Record archival and restoration features ensure you always have the data permission and access you need.

Proving your impact is central to Apricot. Its report builder uses simple drag-and-drop functionality, a wide range of filtering options, and side-by-side comparisons for a complete view of assessments and measurements over time. These reports run in real-time, with linking back to the source data to more easily track and prove your impact and outcomes. The outcome tool is completely flexible and customizable, the toolset provides the ability to create outcomes reports of any kind for any funder. Use a count, percent of total, or summary to show if a goal has been achieved or progress is being made toward the goal. Apricot uses the latest web technology to give users the ability to log in to their database when and how they need. Apricot supports multiple languages, browsers, mobile and tablets devices.

Existing Users

  • Middlesborough & Stocton MIND
  • Barnet Mencap
  • Depford Reach
  • Social Finance
  • Action Acton Ltd
  • Step Ahead
  • JAMI and Jewish Care
  • Brainstrust
  • Resouces For Autism
  • ITV Fixers

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