An Introduction to the Ministry of Justice Data Lab

Published28th August 2014

The Justice Data Lab has been set up by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to help organisations working with offenders access re-offending data. It is intended for Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations working with offenders who want to get a better understanding of their impact.

To use it you will need to provide details of a group of offenders you have worked with. In return you will receive a report of the re-offending rate for that group compared to a matched control group of offenders with similar characteristics. The difference between the two rates will therefore represent the impact of your service on the group‰Ûªs re-offending rate, which is far more powerful than re offending rates without a robust comparison. This is a unique service. It‰Ûªs the first time anything like it has been attempted across government and it is your best opportunity to prove the impact you have had with service users. The Data Lab has been launched as a one year pilot from April 2013, during this time it is a free service. The Data Lab will be evaluated during the pilot period to assess how it might be provided in the future.

This briefing provides a summary of how to use the Justice Data Lab and some of the issues you will need to consider. If you want to know more, we suggest looking at the MoJ‰Ûªs ‰Û÷User Journey‰Ûª document and other materials, which are available here:

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