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Our Resource Hub is a one-stop shop for impact resources and tools relevant to improving impact practice, such as guidance, research, outcomes frameworks and surveys. The Resource Hub has been developed with input from resource providers, funders, impact specialists and front-line charity staff.

If you already know what you are looking for you can find resources by using the filters that match your needs and/or entering keywords, individual resource names or features in the search box. You might want to use Measuring Up! first to identify the areas of impact practice you can improve and the sorts of resources that will help you.

Remember that the more filters and search criteria you apply, the fewer the results that will be displayed. So if you want to search the whole database using keywords then click the ‘Clear All Filters’ box before you use the search box. If you can’t find the resource you want or if you know of other resources that you think could be listed here, please get in touch.

London Sport Insight Portal

Published4th January 2019
The London Sport Insight and Data Portal is designed to provide easy access to data and research relevant to the development of physical activity and sport in London. Data can be used to support identification and targeting of particular demographics that are not currently participating in enough physical activity and sport, or...
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Actionable Impact Management Framework

Published3rd January 2019
A Free Actionable Impact Management Guide – A step-by-step process, explaining from creating a Theory of Change to Impact Reporting.
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Sopact social networking platform

Published3rd January 2019
A free social networking platform for social entrepreneurs, impact investors and social impact practitioners.
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Charity Excellence Framework

Published3rd January 2019
The Charity Excellence Framework is a free, very easy to use online toolkit that enables charities to increase their impact, financial resources and performance in every area, using 8 questionnaires, with 3000+ resource links.
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Co-production Knowledge Base

Published20th December 2018
The Co-production Network for Wales have created a one-stop shop of information and guidance on co-production, with everything from academic papers to blogs and case studies.
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Social Value bank

Published2nd November 2018
HACT and Daniel Fujiwara, have created the largest bank of methodologically consistent and robust social values ever produced. The values can provide a basic assessment of social impact, provide evidence of value for money, and compare the impact of different programmes. The values can also be used within a full SROI...
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Knowledge sharing to strengthen grant-making

Published31st October 2018
In this GrantCraft guide, grantmakers share how and why their foundations openly share knowledge as an integral and strategic aspect of philanthropy. Learn from their firsthand experience how to grow organisational capacity and culture for knowledge sharing, address common concerns, and use knowledge exchange to advance your mission and impact.
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Arts Council England Impact & Insight Toolkit

Published31st October 2018
The toolkit is to help organisations to evaluate the impact of their work on the people who experience it. Organisations can use the Impact & Insight Toolkit to compare the responses of audiences and peers with their original objectives for the work. The toolkit can be used to deepen your...
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The Lasting Difference

Published29th October 2018
The Lasting Difference is designed to make it easier for organisations to assess, prioritise and take action on sustainability. It provides practical tools to help not-for-profit organisations make a lasting difference. It is designed to: • make it easier for organisations and their projects to assess, prioritise and take action...
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Impact Reporting Tool

Published2nd August 2018
Expertise Required Easy

Impact helps you track, record, and report your social impact.

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