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Scottish charities face many of the same challenges as their peers across the UK, but operate in a different context, and do not always have the opportunity to access and learn about good practice from the rest of the UK. Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) ensures that Inspiring Impact products are accessible and appropriate for Scottish organisations, and applies the lessons from Inspiring Impact’s work to the Scottish context.

To see Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland’s latest publications and resources, please visit their website.

Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice

Published18th January
Funders have a critical role to play in shaping impact practice among their grantees and investees. This framework encourages good impact practice and offers practical guidance on promoting good impact practice with the organisations and people they support.
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Shared measurement: Greater than the sum of its parts

Published18th February
Shared measurement involves charities that work towards similar goals reaching a common understanding of what to measure, and developing the tools to do so. Three years on from the Blueprint for shared measurement, we analysed twenty approaches, some old and some new, to highlight benefits and challenges, as well as...
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The Code of Good Impact Practice

Published21st June
The Code of Good Impact Practice sets out a cycle of good impact practice and eight high level principles to follow. Each principle includes a brief description of how your impact practice would look if you were applying the principle, an explanation of why it is important and some ideas...
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Inspiring impact: Working together for a bigger impact in the UK social sector

Published18th January
We set out the current state of impact measurement in the charity sector and outline how the participants in September 2011’s Impact Summit intend to help more charities and funders to make the most positive difference.
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