Measuring up! for funders


This version of Measuring Up! has been designed specifically for those who fund organisations, projects and/or individuals in the voluntary sector: trusts, foundations, lotteries, commissioners and investors.

This toolkit will act as a diagnostic guide for those funders seeking to consider, develop and improve their own impact practice and their support to others to do so too.

If you are a very small funder or new to impact practice, you may find Measuring Up! for small organisations a good first step; although not designed specifically for funders, the basic principles of good practice are the same.

Funders and impact

We recognise that there is a diverse array of funders and funding in the UK today. Some work directly with beneficiaries and others fund organisations to achieve their goals. Some have dedicated evaluation teams and others do not have any paid staff. As such, we have designed Measuring Up! for funders to be a flexible assessment tool that recognises funders’ diverse needs.

We also recognise the fundamentally important role that funders play in leading on impact practice. Funders’ approach to and attitude towards impact, and their financial and non-financial support, can strongly influence practice in the organisations that they fund, among other funders and more widely across the voluntary and community sector.

Terminology used

In the interest of brevity, a standard terminology has been used throughout Measuring Up!

  • ‘Grantees’ is used to refer to the recipient of funding, whether this is individuals, commission organisations or investments.
  • ‘Trustees’ and ‘board’ or ‘governing entity’ are used to refer to the accountable body to which information is reported. This could include councillors, corporate or strategic management teams and ministers as in the case of public sector funders.
  • ‘Projects or organisations’ is used when referring to funding bodies, acknowledging that funders may be a division within a larger organisation such as a foundation or a non-departmental government body or be a single body (organisation).

The principles

Have you looked at the Funders’ principles and drivers of good impact practice?

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