Define your issue and target audience

Who is your programme or service for, and why do they need it?

Clarity about who you are trying to help, and why, is critical for both measuring and achieving success. Define the issue your service or programme is trying to address, followed by your target group.

You can answer these questions or download our template below, which contains additional guidance:

What is the scale and scope of the issue? How many people are affected by the issue? Who are they are? Are some groups more affected than others? How widespread or significant is the problem?

What is the cause of the issue? How is it affected by individual capacities and relationships (e.g. being a child or having a health condition), institutions and professionals (e.g. schools, hospitals, government, doctors, and teachers), and the wider environment it belongs to (e.g. policies, rules and regulations, and public opinion)?

What are the consequences of the issue? Who is affected? Who is particularly vulnerable?

Who is your target group? Do you work with the beneficiaries themselves – individuals, families, or communities – to achieve positive change? If so, what are the needs and characteristics (e.g. age, gender, qualifications, attitudes and behaviours) of this group? And what factors will you use as inclusion and exclusion criteria for participants? Or do you instead target the systems and infrastructure that surround those who are affected to campaign for change rather than deliver direct services?

Download the worksheet

Define your issue and target audience

This template contains questions and guidance to help you define the issue you are trying to address and your target audience, so you can plan your impact measurement.

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