Articulate a plan for change

What activities will you do to bring about change?

A clear vision and definition of success should be followed by a plan of how to get there. Working out and setting down the activities you need to carry out to bring about change will not only identify any missing links in your programme or service, it will help structure your evaluation.

To articulate how you expect to bring about change, answer the questions below or download our template, which contains more guidance:

What type of programme or service do you provide? For example, is it best expressed as counselling, skills training, education, or campaigning? How often do you offer your programme or service? Where do you deliver it? Is it run by volunteers, staff, teachers, or other organisations? Do they need particular qualifications and skills?

How do you find people to engage with your programme or service? Are they referred to you by other organisations? Do you conduct any outreach activities?

How would you like people to experience your programme or service? What should delivery feel like in practice? Would you describe the need for people to feel safe, listened to, supported, trusted, and able to be themselves?

What is unique, distinctive or special about your programme or service? What makes your activities particularly successful? What are your strengths and assets? Are you particularly flexible? Do you offer tailored support? Is your reach particularly broad?

What quality standards will you work towards and measure? For example, if you deliver educational activities, are there national or international standards or criteria you should comply with? If you work on wellbeing, are there existing measures you could use to identify change and compare with other interventions?

Download the worksheet

Articulate a plan for change

This template contains questions and guidance to help you plan activities that will bring about change, so you can identify any missing links in your service and structure your evaluation.

Theory of change

A theory of change works backwards from your long-term goal to articulate the shorter-term changes along the way, and the activities expected to achieve them. It may sound academic, but it is simply a description – usually a diagram – showing how your organisation or service aims to bring about change. The act of defining these logical steps challenges you to confront any gaps in your plan, while providing a roadmap for impact practice, and a clear and simple explanation of what you do.

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