Agree your impact goals

What difference do you want your programme or service to make?

A clear articulation of what you want your programme or service to do is the only way to plan activity that will help you measure and achieve those goals.

To agree your goals, answer these questions or download our template below , which contains additional guidance:

What long-term change (or impact) are you aiming for? What is the ultimate aim of your programme or service? What sustained effect would you like it to have on individuals, families, communities, and/or the environment?

What shorter-term changes (or outcomes) are needed to create that long-term change? What changes do you expect to see in service users along the way; for example, in their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours?

Does existing research tell you anything about how to achieve the change you want to see? Are there any studies you could draw on by government, academics, or other organisations delivering similar services? What do you need to equip your users with, so that they can achieve the long-term change you are aiming for?

What best practice can you draw on? Other organisations delivering similar services may share their insights and learnings publicly. There may also be useful examples of best practice outside of your specific area of work or sector, eg. if your programme aims to reduce loneliness in young people, you may find useful guidance from organisations tackling loneliness in older people, or in other types of interventions aimed at young people.

Download the worksheet

Agree your impact goals

This template contains questions and guidance to help you agree and articulate what you want your service to do, so you can plan activity to measure and achieve those goals.

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