Gain clarity on your goals, so you can decide what data to collect and determine whether your activities are creating the desired impact

Be clear about what you are trying to achieve, for whom, and why. Only then will you be able to assess whether your planned sequence of activities can be expected to create the desired results. This kind of clarity is also the first step towards deciding what data to collect, so you can use the results to judge to what extent you’ve caused change on the ground.

In this section, we provide practical worksheets and advice to help you define your target audience, agree your goals, articulate a plan for change, review your existing data, and determine what further data you need. We also offer guidance on involving users in your impact practice, and ensuring compliance with data protection regulation.

Define your issue and audience

Who is your programme or service for, and why do they need it?

Agree your impact goals

What difference do you want your programme or service to make?

Articulate a plan for change

What activities will you to carry out in order to make change happen?

Review your existing data

How useful is your existing data?

Decide what data to collect

What data do you need? How will you collect it?

Involve users in your practice

How important is it to involve users in your impact measurement?

Research ethics and data protection

Learn about ethics and data protection

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