Impact support during COVID-19

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In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, there’s an opportunity for the voluntary sector to make the most of data and information. This page shares resources and events to support you with evaluation during COVID-19.

We’re not talking about creating beautiful theory of change diagrams or comprehensive measurement frameworks. We’re talking about having good enough information about who needs what, who you are reaching, and what, if any difference it’s making and using this information to make small changes.

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Online events to share and learn with others

Using impact data to make decisions

14 January. Using Impact Data for Decision Making [Organisations in SW England]

Acting for impact - Working practices

20 January. Working practices and organisational culture. [Organisations in the Midlands]

How to gather impact data

18 February. How to gather impact data: An intro to methods [Orgs in the SE of England]

Acting for impact - Working practices

18 March. Working practices and organisational culture. [Organisations in the SE of England]

Resources to help you adapt

Top tips and inspiring stories of adapting during covid-19

Inspiring stories, podcasts, examples and top tips from small charities to help you better understand and improve the difference your charity makes.

RSA Change framework

A simple framework for thinking and talking about what our response means for the future.

Impact stories for evaluation during covid-19

Be inspired by the stories of how others are adapting and learning during covid-19. Practical tips that you can try too.

Why evaluate during covid-19

ESS learning from recent webinars – focusing on why evaluation is important right now.

Webinar recording: Evaluating online

How evaluation practices are developing and changing during lockdown

Managing impact during coronavirus

Tips for adapting evaluation

Webinar recording: Adapting evaluation

Advice & discussion about how to adapt during Covid-19.

Updating funders on project changes

Tips for updating your funders

Exercises: Review your existing data

Step-by-step interactive exercise and follow up worksheet so you have the right information to make decisions.

Using evaluation to support decision-making and reflection

Evaluation examples for people managing COVID-19 response efforts.

Free call to discuss your M&E

Free call with Coalition for Efficiency. For small orgs (income less than £1m).

How to monitor and evaluate helplines

Tips for evaluating helplines

Interactive COVID-19 data

Interactive dashboard of places suffering from Covid-19 and underlying risk factors.

Routine data collection

How to collect & manage high-quality routine data

Evaluation in the age of COVID-19

Blog from Charity Evaluation Working Group

Blog series - Adapting evaluation in time of COVID

Blog series looking at adapting all aspects of evaluation

Case study about evaluating helpline

How Pain Concern captured the difference they made

Using social media to evaluate activities

How to use social media as a source of feedback.

Feedback in the COVID-19 response

Tips and tools from Feedback Labs for gathering and using feedback.

15 tips for evaluation now

Blue Marble Evaluation share their tips for evaluation during the crisis

Change record template

Record changes to project and the difference this makes

Contact forms to gather evidence

A way to record evidence from remote services

After action reviews

A simple approach to help teams learn as they go

How funders can adapt

Funders’ ideas for adapting evaluation

Evaluating humanitarian action

Relevant tips from humanitarian sector

UK Civil Society Almanac 2020 webinar

Webinar recording: What the latest data tells us about charities’ challenges now and in the future.

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