Impact story: Using social media for evaluation

In June 2020, Evaluation Support Scotland ran ‘Why Evaluate?’ – a series of free Covid-19 peer learning events to help third sector organisations reflect on why it is even more important to evaluate in difficult times.

Margarita Sweeney-Baird from Inclusive Skating shares how she and her colleagues are learning from evaluation.

Inclusive Skating helps all skaters learn to skate with their families and carers in a supportive environment.

Margarita and her colleagues have been running all their services using Youtube and other online platforms. By monitoring participation they discovered that some service users have increased engagement during this time because it’s easier for them to do so virtually. For example they can access Youtube videos in their own time and “press the pause button” when they need to. Inclusive Skating has also made much use of Facebook and other social media to gather quotes that show the value of their work.

A tip is to take screen grabs of social media and save them in the moment.

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