Impact story: getting feedback from staff

Diverse Cymru works in Wales to ensure Equality for All. At Diverse Cymru, we aim to make a real difference to people’s lives by delivering services that reduce inequality and increase independence; supporting people to speak for themselves and connect with decision makers; raising awareness of equality issues; and inspiring people to take action against inequality.

Impact practice is the backbone of any organisation that wishes to sustainably fulfil their purpose. Without measuring impact, organisations cannot prove the value of their efforts, and cannot learn from their mistakes.

How our impact practice has changed

We have recently begun to gather information on staff satisfaction in a rigorous manner, rather than just relying on check-ins; implementing a staff survey that aims to support and develop our staff offer, while gathering data that can be compared and contrasted in the future.

This change happened due to a desire to support our staff and improve morale across the offices – happy staff work more efficiently.

The impact

We are learning how this will change the way the organisation works! I firmly believe that our staff satisfaction survey, combined with more rigorous staff support, will lead to higher quality work, but most importantly, happier staff.

Getting others buy-in

I got others on board by communicating clearly what I saw to be the end result, and then emphasising that to those I discussed the project with. It was also a benefit to frankly discuss risks, highlighting that senior management should not be afraid to discuss any less positive results received from staff.

Looking forward

Our next priorities are to understand our data, with the rest of the organisation. When we know where we sit, an action plan can be created to ensure we’re working toward meeting set goals related to satisfaction.

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