Impact story: Evaluating and adapting as you go

In June 2020, Evaluation Support Scotland ran ‘Why Evaluate?’ – a series of free Covid-19 peer learning events to help third sector organisations reflect on why it is even more important to evaluate in difficult times.

In this impact story, Liz Gibson from Fife Employment Access Trust shares how she has adapted her evaluation in response to the changes her organisation has made to their activities during lockdown.

Fife Employment Access Trust helps Fife residents with mental health problems find employment opportunities.

The service that Liz provides within FEAT has gone from being face to face and in groups to 1-1 by phone and email. She gathered informal feedback week by week to check that the adaptations she’s been making is meeting clients’ needs. Doing this allowed her to get the frequency of support right (fortnightly rather than weekly). It also reassured her that the materials she’s been sharing are working for her clients, which they confirmed in an online survey. In this survey, the clients also expressed the desire to have a Zoom-based drop-in group they could attend. Liz had attempted to do the Zoom drop-in group earlier at the start of lockdown, with limited success. But after making changes based on user feedback, the Zoom drop-in service has since proved popular.

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