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We are sharing stories from micro and small organisations that have adapted to meet the needs of people across the UK during covid pandemic in 2020. They have been creative, flexible, generous and we have learnt so much about how they have made a positive difference to many individuals and communities. We want to showcase how they have gathered information to demonstrate the difference their work has made. Some of these are new, some tried and tested, all useful in their own way.

We hope this podcast will inspire our listeners – whatever size and shape – to further their impact practice: collect good enough data, analyse it rapidly, use it for decision making and reporting to funders and other stakeholders and apply for further fundraising.

Episode 2: Collecting feedback from different stakeholders

Sally Cupitt from NCVO and Christine Bentham, Chair and Founder of Jump, shares their learning from collecting and using feedback from different stakeholders on a small budget.

Highlights from the conversation include:

Jump are a small, registered children’s charity, registered in 2004, in memory of a little boy called Jacob Hawthorne, provide a professional photography service for families who have children with life limiting health conditions.

Jump believe passionately in the power of positive memory, both for a child that’s living with a terminal health condition and also, obviously, when children pass away, that those powerful positive images can help their families, especially the siblings, and within the families.

Despite being a really tiny organisation with no full time paid staff and mainly volunteer run, they are still collect a fair amount of useful data about their work. The main methods for data collection are:

  • Use referral forms to start and feedback form at end if appropriate, but often a phone call to speak about how the process was and how it made them feel. This is crucial because the memory books are precious and the creation of them is a treasured experience for users.
  • Feedback also gathered from the professional carers around the family.
  • Bringing together a user feedback group ‘Jump voices’ to continue to learn and develop.

Listen now to get tips on how to do this in practice!

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