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We are sharing stories from micro and small organisations that have adapted to meet the needs of people across the UK during covid pandemic in 2020. They have been creative, flexible, generous and we have learnt so much about how they have made a positive difference to many individuals and communities. We want to showcase how they have gathered information to demonstrate the difference their work has made. Some of these are new, some tried and tested, all useful in their own way.

We hope this podcast will inspire our listeners – whatever size and shape – to further their impact practice: collect good enough data, analyse it rapidly, use it for decision making and reporting to funders and other stakeholders and apply for further fundraising

Episode 3: collecting and using data in low tech ways

Dr Priya Singh shares how the Society for assistance of medical families have been able to collect and use data on a small budget during the coronavirus crisis.

Highlights from the conversation include:

Society for assistance of medical families, a small mutual Benevolent Fund with charitable status, primarily a membership organisation, which was founded over 200 years ago.

During covid, SAMF worked to support doctors who themselves contracted COVID whilst they were recovering, and to supported newly qualified doctors to take up their first jobs.

As a small organisation, a lot of their data collection is done manually, using spreadsheets. SAMF do not have any advanced software to store, analyse and report data.

When collecting feedback, SAMF speak directly with people because they like to hear, in their own voice, what their concerns are and where the organisation is making an impact. This gives SAMF lots of rich, qualitative data which they segment into themes.

Listen now to find out more!

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