Impact stories: Adapting and using data during covid-19 podcast

We are sharing stories from micro and small organisations that have adapted to meet the needs of people across the UK during covid pandemic in 2020. They have been creative, flexible, generous and we have learnt so much about how they have made a positive difference to many individuals and communities. We want to showcase how they have gathered information to demonstrate the difference their work has made. Some of these are new, some tried and tested, all useful in their own way.

We hope this podcast will inspire our listeners – whatever size and shape – to further their impact practice: collect good enough data, analyse it rapidly, use it for decision making and reporting to funders and other stakeholders and apply for further fundraising.

Episode 1: collecting and using data during covid-19

Sally and Shehnaaz from NCVO share examples from micro and small organisations during  the coronavirus crisis in 2020.

Highlights from the conversation include:

Make sure you have a range of ways to collect data:

  1. Simply talking, using one-to-one interviews, but not so formally structured, has been the main way that small groups have been able to stay in touch, and deliver to a wide range of people in real need, at the right time.
  2. Using a more formal approach to data collection, but ensuring there are multiple formats to engage
    1. A short, simple, paper questionnaire, hand delivered, if know that many users don’t go online often.
    2. Gives lot of quantitative data and using existing research to support your work, which can be really motivating! (But also perhaps too much!)
    3. Collecting lots of photos, videos or more informal comments using online platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, putting up videos on YouTube.
  3. Make sure that they use all the information they collect to learn and adapt:
    1. Daily team updates online
    2. Adapting how they run services by making small changes based on feedback
    3. Sharing info with policy/decision makers  such as local CCGs to influence their decision making

Their stories have shown that even in a crisis, tiny organisations and groups have been able to collect data to inform decision making. The covid pandemic has shown how important this nimble decision-making can be. It’s important to have a simple approach that suits your needs and we want to support you to do this.

Listen now to find out more!

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