Impact story: Ensuring staff understand impact

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) is a multi-disciplinary educational charity based in Scotland. Hannah Ormston, Impact Officer, shares her learning about how to get everyone speaking the impact practice language.

Evaluation terminology like outcomes, indicators and evidence is daunting.  It’s unfair to expect staff to be able to evaluate their activities without receiving appropriate training so we invested in training the team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and comes from the same starting point.

The difference we made

Staff training is an ongoing activity, and we have had various sessions over the past two years, ranging from all staff sessions provided by Evaluation Support Scotland – an inspiring impact partner – during our annual away day, to internal, informal workshops and drop in sessions during the RSE’s Learning at Work Week.

When a new member of the team starts, I meet with them and they receive a dedicated impact induction, where I go over the work the RSE has been doing to think about our reach and impact, discuss our various reporting requirements, and show them the evaluation tools and reporting templates their team use. Tailored to each role, the induction ensures that new members of staff know what is expected of them from the offset and engages the staff with the evaluation culture at the beginning of the working relationship.

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