Getting started

Inspiring Impact has lots of resources and tools. If you don’t know where to start to improve your impact practice we suggest these four steps...

  1. Read the principles of good impact practice

    Inspiring Impact has developed principles of good impact practice for both charities and funder. These principles will develop your understanding of impact and why it is important for your organisation.

  2. Sign-up to the principles

    We encourage charities and funders to put the principles into practice. Show your support by signing up.

  3. Measure your impact practice

    Use Measuring up! our step-by-step self-assessment tool to review and improve your impact practice Measuring up! has been co-designed with users and there different versions of the tool for charities and funders.

  4. Find resources

    Inspiring Impact has a Resource Hub which hosts information on a wide range of resources and tools all aimed at helping organisations improve their impact practice.

Sign-up to the principles

We need your help to put principles into practice