Case study: Sported's impact practice journey

Published2nd August 2018

Sported’s impact practice journey with Inspiring Impact

Sported has been a sub-sector partner and an Impact Champion with Inspiring Impact since 2016. Developing the impact practice of our member groups, and the evidence base for Sport for Development, has been a core focus for Sported since our inception 10 years ago. The Inspiring Impact network, support and resources have strengthened our ability to do so.

Tools and Resources

As an Inspiring Impact Champion, Sported has been a strong advocate of the resources and tools available from Inspiring Impact – specifically, we encourage our membership to ‘pledge their support’ to the Code of Good Impact Practice and utilise the Measuring Up assessment tool. We have found the ‘pledge’ beneficial in giving the groups a sense of ownership and commitment to developing their impact practice, and the Measuring Up assessment provides an excellent framework to identify priority areas. Sported also completes this assessment on an annual basis, which has provided clarity around areas for development and a positive structure for actioning and tracking progress in these key areas.

Impact Champions

Our staff team have benefitted from the opportunity for peer-learning and sharing of insight and experiences with other Impact Champions across the UK. This has allowed us to glean from other Champions as we develop our own approach, and we have benefitted from discussions and learning from across a number of sectors. These shared learning events and opportunities have also provided opportunity for Sported to share the perspective of, and learning from, smaller grassroots community groups – who may not have otherwise been part of the discussion. We have found Inspiring Impact to be very responsive to this feedback, adapting tools and resources to suit the need of users. As a UK-wide organisation, we have been involved with Inspiring Impact within each nation, and greatly value the connections and networking this reach has provided.

Judith Rankin, Development and Delivery Manager, Sported.

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