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Welcome to the Inspiring Impact blog, where we share news, stories and advice from Inspiring Impact partners as well as some of the charities, social enterprises and funders involved with the programme. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch by emailing us on

Top tips for CSR practitioners: why impact measurement is imperative not desirable

Published25th April 2018
It is evident that Corporate Social Responsibility is steadily becoming a key aspect of business functioning, with shared-values and community engagement acting as core means in which to boost business revenue and improve local business reputation. According to the 2017 Annual Investor Survey, 26% of respondents track some or all...
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Trustees must be champions of impact in their charity

Published10th April 2018

Monitoring and evaluation is often considered the operational realm of staff and SMT. But trustees, especially in smaller organisations, have a crucial role in understanding what's working—and what needs developing—to ensure resources are used effectively, and make informed strategic decisions.

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Measuring impact while recognising human complexity: New guidance

Published27th February 2018
The What Works Centre for Wellbeing is publishing a new guide to help charities understand, measure, evaluate and analyse their wellbeing impact. Ingrid Abreu Scherer, Programme Manager at the Centre, explains how funders and commissioners can use the guide to help improve impact evaluation and analysis of projects and programmes....
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Reflections on six years of Inspiring Impact

Published19th February 2018

Inspiring Impact has been running for almost six years—a programme run by the charity sector for the charity sector, to help improve its impact practice. So what have we achieved in this time? Erica Bertolotto looks back...

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New year, new website!

Published2nd February 2018

We've launched a new improved website.

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Blog: Keep calm and use your data

Published6th October 2017

One of the great anxieties of our age seems to be the increasing pace of life and the growing dependence on the forces of technology that are beyond our control. Where once technological innovation might come in physical form - a wheel, a steam engine, a telephone with a wire attached to it – that you could observe, touch and make sense of, many of today’s tech breakthrough’s, particularly in the workplace, are more abstract and tied into eco-systems that appear somewhat de-humanised.

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Blog: Getting to grips with proportionate evaluation

Published24th August 2017
By Erica Bertolotto, Inspiring Impact, Programme Manger.  How much evaluation is enough? What to measure, and what not to measure? How much money and time to spend on evaluation? How much data collection is enough? Most charities grapple with these questions, and this is one of the topics that came...
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Blog: Impact practice in a world of competing priorities

Published9th August 2017
By Aongus O’Keeffe is Programme Leader at Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland  We all know it yet we all struggle to do it. Making an impact and improving the lives of people is the ultimate reason all charities, social enterprises and the funders who support them, exist. Yet our day to...
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Visionary sub-sector partnership: Early challenges

Published4th May 2017
Shared measurement  Visionary—membership organisation for local sight loss charities—is working with NCVO Charities Evaluation Services and NPC to develop shared outcomes in measurement in the sight loss sector. This Inspiring Impact sub-sector partnership is still in its early stages—starting in January 2017. As we find out what sight loss charities...
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Blog: Youth Music’s top ten tips for grant-giving

Published27th April 2017
Youth Music shared ten tips for other grant-giving organisations who are looking to focus on impact: Use a theory of change. Youth Music found the theory of change process to be very useful in setting out their overall aims and their outcomes. This now sits behind all of their grant-making....
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