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Welcome to the Inspiring Impact blog, where we share news and advice from our partners, alongside stories of learning and leading from charities, social enterprises, and funders in our network. Whether you’re seeking examples of how to measure outcomes that recognise the complexity of your service, or tips on engaging funders in a conversation about good impact practice, have a browse for inspiration.

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Blog: News from the Inspiring Impact Marketplace workshop

Published:14th May 2013

Here we revisit insights and outcomes from the Inspiring Impact Marketplace Workshop in Northern Ireland, hosted by the Building Change Trust.

Blog: Impact in Scotland

Published:7th May 2013

A closer look at the 'simply outsanding' effect of Inspiring Impact in Scotland.

Blog: News from Northern Ireland

Published:16th April 2013

Revisiting the events, insights and outcomes from the landmark Inspiring Impact Summit in Northern Ireland, hosted by the Building Change Trust.

Blog: Stronger together

Published:12th March 2013

Working in partnership and sharing is often better than going it alone. Shared measurement is all about acknowledging that we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Blog: Shutting the gate before the horse has bolted

Published:28th February 2013

My grandfather used to say, ‘Aim at nothing and that’s exactly what you’ll hit’. If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that no good can come from an obsession with targets.

Blog: Social Value Act: A worthy act of defiance

Published:31st January 2013

As NPC's survey 'When the going gets tough' found out, times are especially hard for charities and social enterprises competing to deliver public services. Charities and social enterprises are concerned, even angered, by this direction of travel. However, the Social Value Act is a worthy act of defiance against this overall trend...

Blog: Ich bin ein sozialer Wirkungsanalyst

Published:6th December 2012

'Ich bin ein sozialer Wirkungsanalyst': Saying ‘I am a social impact analyst’ may be simple, but dig a little deeper and its meaning gets a bit complicated.

Blog: Why impact is more important than ever

Published:6th December 2012

Thinking about impact may not be at the front of charities’ minds when they’re struggling to find finance to keep going at all, but there are two compelling reasons why stopping to think about what you’re achieving is essential.

Blog: Measuring the market

Published:24th October 2012

As part of the data, tools and systems strand of Inspiring Impact, we have been consulting with the sector about the tools they currently use and the things that help or hinder access to them. Here is what we've learned.

Blog: Keeping the frogs in the wheelbarrow: An update from the Inspiring Impact drinks

Published:2nd October 2012

At the Inspiring Impact report launch last, one participant said how good it was to see 'all the frogs in the wheelbarrow.' Here is what they mean.

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