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Welcome to the Inspiring Impact blog, where we share news and advice from our partners, alongside stories of learning and leading from charities, social enterprises, and funders in our network. Whether you’re seeking examples of how to measure outcomes that recognise the complexity of your service, or tips on engaging funders in a conversation about good impact practice, have a browse for inspiration.

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Blog: All in proportion: reflections on impact

Published:17th January 2014

Liza Kellett, Chief Executive of Community Foundation in Wales, shares how they were motivated by the Fair Share Trust's collaborative and creative approach. Here is how they realised they could do so much more to measure and share the impact of their grant-making and community investments.

Building Change Trust Announces Inspiring Impact Partnership with CENI

Published:8th January 2014

Inspiring Impact ended 2014 with a bang, confirming that the Building Change Trust will partner with CENI to implement the Inspiring Impact Programme in Northern Ireland. He's an inside look into the partnership and what it meant for the programme.

Blog: The journey to sharing

Published:5th December 2013

We are greater than the sum of our parts. In this blog, we explore how NPC and Inspiring Impact’s work on shared measurement is about acknowledging this truth to solve complex social problems.

Blog: In the crowd

Published:1st October 2013

Tim Crabbe - Chair and Director of Strategy at Substance – shares about the power of crowds and the opportunity to input into the new marketplace of resources.

Blog: Exploring funder collaboration in Scotland

Published:20th September 2013

Tom Scott - Training Officer at Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS), our Inspiring Impact partner in Scotland - shares learning from the our Funder Impact event, which brought funders together to discuss ‘collaborative funding’.

Blog: Nick Hurd’s not wrong about grit

Published:21st August 2013

The Minister for Civil Society has created a storm with his remarks about young people needing grit, social skills and discipline to get into employment. All the soft skills in the world are no good unless there are jobs out there to get into. But is Nick Hurd wrong about grit?

Blog: Inspiring Impact celebrates first birthday with news of second year funding

Published:2nd July 2013

A look back at Inspiring Impact's landmark announcement of newly secured funding to continue its work for a second year.

Blog: Measuring change

Published:24th June 2013

Brendan McDonnell, Director of Inspiring Impact NI partner CENI, introduces Measuring Change - An approach to outcomes for the voluntary and community sector. A new report which sets out CENI's approach to helping organisations plan for and capture outcomes.

Blog: Double whammy for impact

Published:18th June 2013

A look at how the launch of two sets of guidance from the Inspiring Impact programme: The Code of Good Impact Practice and the Funder Principles, mark an important milestone in impact reporting.

Blog: News from Scotland

Published:14th June 2013

‘Impact’ might be a small word but for most third sector organisations in the UK it has a very powerful meaning. Impact is, in fact, at the heart of everything we do. We all know the difference we make… But do we really?

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