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Welcome to the Inspiring Impact blog, where we share news and advice from our partners, alongside stories of learning and leading from charities, social enterprises, and funders in our network. Whether you’re seeking examples of how to measure outcomes that recognise the complexity of your service, or tips on engaging funders in a conversation about good impact practice, have a browse for inspiration.

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Blog: Visionary sub-sector partnership: Early challenges

Published:4th May 2017

Visionary—membership organisation for local sight loss charities—is working with NCVO Charities Evaluation Services and NPC to develop shared outcomes in measurement in the sight loss sector. As we find out what sight loss charities need, we’re discovering some key challenges that we feel would be useful to share...

Blog: Impact measurement—a social activity

Published:5th April 2017

Inspiring Impact recently completed its first ever sub-sector partnership, which involved Sported—an umbrella organisation which works with community sports groups in transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people, NPC, and Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS). Here is what we learned...

Blog: Impact measurement tools: Have your say

Published:13th December 2016

When you go away how do you decide where to stay? Funnily enough, you tell us that there's actually little difference when you are making decisions about which tools and systems you use to measure and improve your impact...

Blog: Good Impact Practice: a basis for building and maintaining trust

Published:2nd December 2016

James Magowan, Inspiring Impact lead for ACF, reflects on issues raised at the recent ACF conference—which had ‘Trust’ as its theme. He explains why he sees good impact practice as a significant contributing factor in building and maintaining trust between charities and funders.

Blog: The power of peer support

Published:25th February 2016

According to a review of more than 1000 studies carried out by Nesta, peer support can help us feel more knowledgeable, confident and happy, and less isolated and alone. So why do we carry on evaluating our work in isolation from our peers?

Blog: Shared experience: Helping small organisations measure their impact

Published:8th October 2015

How Sported helped 20 of its member groups to sign up to Inspiring Impact’s Code of Good Impact Practice, complete the Measuring Up! online self-assessment tool and develop an ‘Impact Practice Action Plan’ for their individual organisations.

Blog: Impact measurement: Fad or fact of life

Published:23rd March 2015

Impact measurement has been a hardy perennial on the agenda of philanthropic conferences and events for a while. Recently, more attention has been focused on the role associations play in supporting foundation impact practice and how they think about their own impact as infrastructure organizations.

Blog: To Northern Ireland and beyond!

Published:19th February 2015

Over the past year we have worked with Inspiring Impact Northern Ireland to adapt and pilot our Journey to Employment (JET) Framework. Issues of sectarianism and other community challenges are experienced differently in Northern Ireland, and the NEETS Forum and the DEL wanted a framework to reflect this.

Blog: The practice of change

Published:7th January 2015

Theory of Change is a tremendous tool for the sector. And yet, in the midst of this vogue for theories, are we focusing enough attention on the other side of the coin—the practice of change?

Blog: We’ve come a long way

Published:24th June 2014

In the summer of 2011, a group of people started planning to work together to help the UK social sector make progress on impact measurement. Fast forward nearly three years, and Inspiring Impact is launching two important new elements of that original vision.

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