Blog: Impact Champions: A community of support

Published:18th June 2018

By Gemma Finnegan, Development Lead for Cornwall Rural Community Charity

My name is Gemma and I am the Development Lead for Cornwall Rural Community Charity. In between developing new funding bids or project with partners I have been taking a lead on our organisation’s Impact Strategy for the last 18 months. I have been a part of the Impact Champion Programme for about the same time and this is my fourth visit to an event in London.

The Impact Champion events have been a really important part of the programme alongside access to the website and resources. We have used Impactasaurus to start capturing our distance travelled data. This has been a successful addition to our impact practice and it easy to use. It is a great way to visualise an individual’s progress and for us as an organisation see trends and patterns.

Our volunteer who helps us with inputting in particularly prefers it the using Survey Monkey which we had used before.

At the events we meet other people working on improving their organisation’s impact strategy and get to talk about real life experiences whilst also receiving excellent workshop content from the team from NCVO, NPC and on this occasion Social Value UK.

The events are a great ‘thinking space’ and I always leave buzzing with ideas and ways forward. Since the event in March we have completed a framework of all our activities (we are have a complex array of projects) and mapped our short and intermediate outcomes to our long term impact goals (aligned with our mission of course!). We are using this tool to plan new projects and their intended impact as well as analysing what we already deliver and whether that is having the intended impact we planned. Some of the tools we are using we found as a result of attending an Impact Champion event.

For those new to Impact or those who are old hands the programme really has something for everyone and I can only recommend it if people are looking for a community to support them!

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