Building Change Trust Announces Inspiring Impact Partnership with CENI

Published:8th January 2014



Inspiring Impact ended the year with a bang, confirming that the Building Change Trust will partner with CENI to implement the Inspiring Impact Programme in Northern Ireland.

The Trust has committed £500,000 to an initial two-year programme of work, which will support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors to better track their impact.

Nigel McKinney, Building Change Trust Director of Operations, said: ‘Since 2011, the Trust has been considering the role we could play in respect of supporting the sector think about its impact.

‘The UK wide Inspiring Impact programme provides a key opportunity for Northern Ireland to benefit from the learning and experience of organisations on the UK mainland.

‘With the support of a wide range of stakeholders we have developed a plan for Northern Ireland that seeks to take advantage of this…We are now entering the delivery stage and are delighted to be working with CENI over the coming years.’

Tris Lumley, Head of Development at Inspiring Impact, said: ‘I’m delighted that the Inspiring Impact programme in Northern Ireland is gathering momentum, with CENI taking on the critical role of driving it forward.

‘It’s fantastic to see this strategic initiative truly working across the UK, and excellent to have this opportunity to work together to develop impact practice over the coming years.’

Brendan McDonnell, CENI Director said: ‘CENI look forward to taking on the challenge of bringing Inspiring Impact to Northern Ireland, as well as working with the Trust to animate new ideas, build relationships, create synergies between different sectors, and ultimately help facilitate funders and organisations to demonstrate the real difference they make.’

The Inspiring Impact programme has been gaining momentum recently, in Northern Ireland and further afield. We’re looking forward to a fruitful 2014 and seeing how much more impact we can have.

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