Blog: Inspiring Impact launches a new website!

Published:8th April 2019

It’s not always easy to know where to start with understanding your impact. That’s why Inspiring Impact provides free tools, guidance and stories to help you on your journey.

The website brings together the best content from Inspiring Impact and the Impact Management Programme, so you can quickly find inspiration, real life examples and advice.

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Be inspired by stories of impact learning

Hear from charities and social enterprises who have improved their impact practice.

Explore our free online resources and tools that are peer tested and approved

Check out our how-to guides and identify the practical steps you can take to plan for impact, carry out measurement, assess your data, and review your work.

Discover guidance, resources, and tools relevant to your organisation

Discover our one-stop shop for resources, with everything from research reports and tools, to outcomes frameworks and surveys.

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