3 sources of inspiration for your impact practice

Published:18th November 2020

Impact practice is what an organisation does to plan, understand, communicate, and improve the difference it makes in the world. In this blog, we share inspiration and examples to spark some new ideas in your impact practice. Whether you’re doing bits & bobs with barely any resources, or have grand plans with all the bells and whistles, we hope these examples and resources help you improve your impact measurement. 

1. New stories and examples from smaller charities and voluntary groups

The pandemic really shone a spotlight on smaller organisations and groups. Facing increased need, logistical challenges, and a lack of funding, they kept listening to and supporting those who need them.

So we spoke to 16 groups across England over the last couple of months. We wanted to understand how they have adapted and reimaged their services in response to the pandemic. As a result, these new case studies, podcasts and a ‘top tips’ guide share real-life examples of the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations looking to improve their impact.

Special thanks to everyone who shared a story with us: [add names of organisations].

And if you’d like to share your own ‘impact story’, please get in touch or complete our simple form here.

Featured case studies

2. Peer learning events across the UK

Secondly, we’ve offered regional peer learning events for a few years. Since March, hundreds of you have attended online Inspiring Impact events hosted from living rooms and kitchens. These free events are all about inspiration, practical examples, and reassurance. For example, groups in the Midlands have explored using data for decision making. Groups in Scotland have discussed how to evaluate remote and online activities. And groups in Wales have learned some impact measurement basics.

To find upcoming impact measurement events, subscribe to our newsletter. And some of the past events are also available for you to watch online, like these ones from Evaluation Support Scotland which are full of great examples.

3. Other resources, examples and support from our friends in the sector

Finally, we’re not the only ones who get excited about organisations understanding and improving their impact. There are plenty of fantastic initiatives offering support to charities and social enterprises. So here are a few that we’ve enjoyed recently: