Impact practice made simple

Impact practice encompasses all the activities you do to focus on impact and learning.

It’s about learning how to best serve the people you support. This means planning what difference you want to make; collecting the right information to know if you’re achieving your goals; assessing what impact you’re having; and learning and adapting your work.

Top tips, tools and inspiring stories of adapting during covid-19

We have brought together a collection of advice, tools and online events about how charities can adapt data collection and evaluation during the COVID-19 crisis. But we know, real change happens with people. We have brought together a collection of inspiring stories, podcasts and top tips from small charities to help you better understand and improve the difference your charity makes.

Where do you want to start?

What is impact practice?

Understand what impact practice is and key words used

How do I understand my impact?

Learn how to plan, do, assess, and review your impact practice

How do I review my impact practice?

Review your impact practice and data collection

Where can I learn from others?

Join our free peer learning networks across the UK.

About Inspiring Impact

Inspiring Impact is on a mission to make good impact practice the norm by creating a culture of continuous improvement among voluntary organisations.

Inspiring Impact supports people who work and volunteer for charities, funders, and social enterprises across the UK. We provide free online resources and peer learning networks so you can plan, understand, and improve your impact.

Some of the inspiring organisations we've worked with